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If you're a small business owner looking for marketing support, you're in the right place! I'm your host, Miss Kemya, Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategist, and I'm your marketing resource for all the happenings on these interwebs.

I have a variety of digital marketing products in here created with you in mind.

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Available Products

Borrow My Brain (For A Fee) Marketing Q&A

You're seeing other entrepreneurs make these incredible sales and exceeding goals. Yet you can't move the goods. You know you're missing something, you need some direction with marketing - whether it's social media, content strategy, writing captions, etc.

So who you gonna call? Call me, I got you!

Create Launch Profit eSubscription Box

I want you to be as PROUD to share your business as you are to share Gary Vee's quotes or Beyonce's latest Instagram pic! 

Imagine getting a complete set of marketing templates that you can open, customize with your business information, and use in your daily marketing efforts. EVERY. MONTH.

I'm not talking about a few pages of intro baby steps either. I'm talking full systems with SETS of templates. The how-to guides are worth the subscription alone!

Monthly Social Media Content Planner

When I ask clients about the hardest part about marketing their business on social media was, what do you think they say?

I hear about posting content that attracts the right people, what to post, what types of content to share, and how to come up with ideas.

BOOM! This is where my new planner comes in!

Product Launch Marketing Planner

You have aspirations to experience a profitable product launch. But after you sell your product to a couple friends... crickets. You know you have to get more eyes on your product, but how? What steps should you take to announce and profit from your next launch?

Introducing a “Product Launch Marketing Plan” Planner AND video training! Get the details below.

Map Out Your Discovery Call Process In A Weekend Planner

What’s the best way to determine if someone is the right fit for a coaching package, mastermind program or paid product? It’s a discovery call, of course!

The discovery call is a valuable, and essential, part of the sales process.

Introducing a Done-for-You “Map Out Your Discovery Call Process in a Weekend” Planner! Get the details below.

Map Out Your Monthly Email Content Planner

You’ve heard it before … the money is in the list.

You know how essential having an email is for your business. And it’s something you encourage your clients to have as well.

But email lists … or rather, GOOD quality email lists, the kind that make you money on the regular … don’t happen on their own.

Book Marketing Planner

You have aspirations to become a best-selling author. But after you sell your book to friends and family, you're stuck. You know you have to more eyes on your book, but how? What steps should you take to market your book?

Introducing a “Book Marketing Plan” Planner! Get the details below.

How to Find and Name Your Million Dollar Course Idea (in a Weekend) Planner

Digital courses are hot! And with good reason…

There’s no better way to coach hundreds – or even thousands – of clients all at the same time. Imagine the impact of that (not to mention the potential increase in your bank account)!

Use the printable planner “How to Find and Name Your Million Dollar Course Idea in a Weekend" and launch your course to a captive audience.

Content Marketing Made Simple

Watch this online training and unlock the secrets to creating compelling content, mastering distribution, and measuring success. It's time to supercharge your online presence!

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