Borrow My Brain (For A Fee) Marketing Q&A

Is this consulting call right for you? Watch the video to find out!

You're seeing other entrepreneurs make these incredible sales and exceeding goals. Yet you can't move the goods. You know you're missing something, you know you need some direction with marketing - whether it's social media, content strategy, writing captions, etc.

But where to start? What should you do?

Call me, I gotchu covered!

Schedule a 90 minute Marketing Q&A Strategy Call with me to turn that frown upside down! Yes, 90 minutes to freedom, peace of mind, and actionable strategy.

I do not call this a "coaching" session -  I am not coaching you, I am specifically telling you WHAT TO DO. 


1) Click the BOOK MISS KEMYA button.

2) Fill in a simple form so I can check out your website and social media BEFORE we talk. Why waste 20 minutes on our call with you telling me all kinds of stuff that I can go find out on my own?

3) Book a time slot on my calendar.

Time is money honey, and we don't have to waste it!

I am here to answer your marketing questions, give you direction on how to move products and sell services via social media marketing. So that you have a tangible plan that produces tangible results. In one take. 

I'm ready to talk. Are you ready?

PS - If you feel like you need more than 90 minutes, feel free to send an email to me at kemya[at]marketingsparkler[dot]com to book a VIP-intensive session.

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