Map Out Your Monthly Email Content Planner

Email lists … or rather, GOOD quality email lists, the kind that make you money on the regular … don’t happen on their own.

They take a strong desire to want to help the people on your list. Plus some planning, strategizing, and massive value creating.

Luckily, all that planning doesn’t have to take a long time. In fact, it can done in as little as a weekend!

What if you could guide your clients through finding their ideal email marketing schedule and then creating content that naturally takes their subscribers on a journey from free to buy all the things … in just one weekend?

Just in case you needed a reminder: we do not own any social media platforms. We have zero control of social media platforms. And we cannot beat algorithms, no matter how mighty and sly we think we are.

We must focus on the digital properties we can control:
1) our website
2) our email list

Especially now, with the holidays fast approaching. It's time to reconnect with your subscribers, so they'll be ready to hear all about your holiday promotions!

Which brings me to why I created my latest planner 📧

Watch and find out why YOU need this email marketing planner - go ahead, hit that play button ▶️ 

Map Out Your Monthly Email Content (in a weekend)

This planner will help get you organized with your email content from start to finish. You’ll learn how to:

  • pair up your content with your paid offers so they make sense
  • create a value ladder to attract and keep customers
  • generate buzz with tantalizing content
  • outline your emails to naturally bring more sales
  • use a commonly forgotten strategy to bring in sales
  • and how to actually ask for the sale

So whatcha waitin for? Click that BUY button and get started!

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