Product Launch Marketing Planner

You have aspirations to experience one of these 4- and 5-figure launches that you see people talking about! 

If you're like most business owners, you market to your friends and family, and hope they all buy a product. But what happens next? If you're like most entrepreneurs... crickets.  

The sales STOP. That is, if they ever STARTED.

You know you have to get more eyes on your products, but how? What steps should you take to market your product?

This Product Launch Marketing Planner is designed to help you:

  • hash out your launch marketing goals,
  • clearly define your audience to laser-focus your marketing efforts,
  • create a launch team,
  • establish your online presence,
  • map out your email marketing campaigns
  • optimize your sale page
  • and so much more.

Wait, there's a full video training included!

And...there is an entire video training included that teaches you how to plan your product launch. I'm talking a full on, detailed training that walks you through the planner workbook page by page, and walks you through filling in the blanks.

In other words, if you don't exactly know what goes into a product launch, you will when you buy this planner/training combo!

Buy the Product Launch Marketing Planner and get started! It is never too early or too late to profit from a proper launch! 

2 Modules

Part 1: Video Training

This is more than a simple workbook walk through. This video is a full product launch training, that will give you the detailed blueprint to complete your workbook.

Part 2: Product Launch Marketing Planner

This workbook is created to help you hash out your product launch goals, create a workable launch timeline, craft a plan for affiliate outreach, pre-launch content, advertising and so much more.

Modules for this product 2
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