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Are you half-a$$ing your social media efforts? So many solopreneurs know the power of social media, yet they don’t harness it for themselves due to lack of planning. Spontaneity may be fine when you’re looking for a dating adventure, but social media is most powerful when there’s a plan in place.

It's time to put together a REAL STRATEGY, pre-planned, for your social media content. 

Set some time aside this weekend to plan out your social media calendar. We’re getting detailed here; the more details you can flesh out, the easier it will become to create your social content. Winging it is not an option anymore. You need to wake up each day knowing exactly what’s posting, where it’s posting, and when. You should be ready to interact with your tribe instead of being stressed about what to post.

To be clear, this weekend is about planning. Don’t force yourself to create a year’s worth of content right away! Let’s focus on the initial plan, then you can start creating next month’s content. As you keep working, this process will become easier each month. You might even get crazy and plan two months of content at once!

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers:

Step 1: Audit current content so you know how to squeeze the most out of your social media moving forward

Step 2: Pick crave-worthy core content “themes” so you can hit your social media goals–month after month

Step 3: Use time-sensitive subjects, trends and holidays to create major buzz & build a rock-solid brand

Step 4: Plug in promotional content the right way & watch your sales skyrocket!

Step 5: Craft juicy original content that cultivates trust, connection & solidifies your expert status (and fills the gaps in your calendar with major value!)

Step 6: Choose the right social media calendar to help your unique business boom

Download your planner and get started!

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Map Out Your Monthly Social Media Content Calendar

When I ask clients about the hardest part about marketing their business on social media was, what do you think they say?

I hear about posting content that attracts the right people, what to post, what types of content to share, and how to come up with ideas.

BOOM! This is where my new planner comes in!

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